The airDemo Network

As strong advocates of local and independent retail, we strive to provide our partners with the adequate tools to attract customers from all over the globe.

An airDemo Network Partner is a local and independent ski and/or snowboard retailer with a passion for outfitting their customers for the right experience level, conditions, and terrain. We have pride in our products and service.

Together, airDemo and our partners, are building a better rental and demo experience for snow sports lovers.

As customer preferences evolve in the name of variety, convenience, and quality, we work closely with you to ensure their experience is at the forefront of everything we do. From smoothly booking ahead to transparent inventory management, we aim to generate loyal followers of the brand.


If you'd like to know more about a risk-free partnership, please let us know!



Connect with customers traveling to mountains in your area.


Display your product line available for rent or demo.


Seamlessly sequence reservations and know your customer before they arrive.


Be prepared for some stoked riders and followers of your brand.

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